Davide Brullo is a poet and novelist. His novels include Il lupo [The Wolf], Rinuncio [I renounce], Ingmar Bergman: La vita sessuale di Kafka [Ingmar Bergman: Kafka’s Sexual Life], Pseudo-Paolo. Lettera di San Paolo Apostolo a Pietro [Pseudo-Paul. Saint Paul’s Letter to Peter]. He translated from Hebrew into Italian the Book of Psalms, the Book of Lamentations, and The Book of Wisdom. He published the following books of poetry: Annali [The Annals], L’era del ferro [The Iron Age], Abbecedario antartico [Antarctic Primer], Lettera a Ushuaia. As a cultural journalist he collaborates with Il Giornale and Linkiesta. He is the editor in chief of the magazine Pangea (pangea.news).