Established in 2013 and directed by Lorenzo Chiesa and Raffaello Palumbo Mosca, the Genoa School of Humanities (GSH) offers weekly series of seminars in English held by scholars of literature, philosophy, and other subjects, as well as by novelists, poets, film-makers and psychoanalysts.


The themes treated at the GSH are intentionally broad and cross-disciplinary, such as realism, the relation between ethics and politics, the question of otherness, and that of the gaze. The seminars take place twice a year.



Interdisciplinary teachers with international experience; international students


Teachers at the GSH are leading international figures in their academic and extra-academic fields. They are based both in Italy and abroad. The GSH provides a stimulating intellectual venue where students are exposed to different cultures, teaching methods, and disciplinary perspectives. The participants are enabled to establish new research networks and acquire practical information on how to access PhD and post-doctoral programmes. We have welcomed participants from several countries, including Italy, the UK, Russia, Iran, Israel, and the Ukraine.



Rigorous yet informal discussions

Learning and teaching are not limited to the seminars. They continue through debates and roundtables in which both students and teachers actively participate. Students are encouraged to discuss their research projects. The exchange of knowledge and ideas is facilitated by the limited number of participants (up to fifteen). One of the basic ideas of the GSH is that learning is enhanced by the suspension of formalisms, hierarchies, and the principle of authority that usually define traditional academic contexts.






GSH Seminars Summer 2018 (6th-11th September):


"The Animal (Nature/Science)"


Speakers: Davide Brullo (novelist and poet); Tiziana Cera Rosco (artist); Giorgio Cesarale (philosopher); Lorenzo Chiesa (philosopher); Cristiana Cimino (psychoanalyst); Raffaello Palumbo Mosca (literary critic)




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The GSH is located in a nineteenth century villa surrounded by a park, and close to the seaside. The picturesque hamlet of Boccadasse and Genoa city centre are within walkable distance.


What our students say


‘The Genoa School of Humanities offers a felicitous synthesis between the rigour characterising the Anglo-Saxon academic world and the vivacity typical of the Italian one. The seminars are structured in a way that guarantees sufficient space for both a more traditional and in-depth – yet never pedantic – kind of teaching and moments of dialogue and stimulating confrontation, which is often ironic and pleasantly polemical. The atmosphere is cultured, but never presumptuous, which favours the interaction and connection between different human experiences and different cultural visions’ (Silvia Angeli)


'The School’s seminars are engaging, informative and enjoyable. The organisers and speakers are very open and are generous with their time, encouraging students to participate in the many discussions that surround the seminars. The School invites interventions from across disciplines and outside of the Academy, making the seminars and discussions far-reaching and stimulating. The way the School brings together small groups of diverse and passionate people to create dialogue across disciplines is truly commendable, and I hope to find myself in such good company again in the near future' (Rachel Johnson)


‘The School’s recipe is equally simple and effective: competent and very nice organisers, high quality seminars, stimulating and informal debates. All under the aegis of a multidisciplinary approach, free from the mannerism of academic rhetoric. If we add to this the experience and passion of the participants, the result is excellent’ (Alessandro De Cesaris)