What our students say

‘This was a very original opportunity to meet people and exchange knowledge, for a number of reasons, which I list in no particular order, without hierarchies, and so with love: Raffaello’s and Lorenzo’s professionalism, their kindness and ability to propose and plan things; the high quality of the interventions, the debates, and the objections; the availability of teachers to engage with us on the same level, even outside of teaching hours; the intelligence given by diversity, because people with different knowledges and experiences have reflected on the same theme with passion and patience’ (Tiziano Toracca)

‘Such a broad and free approach to the humanities is something which I think we still often lack. The demolition of formalisms and of the principle of authority that has characterised our meetings has been something really constructive. I have then particularly appreciated the convivial moments – it might seem ridiculous to say this, but it isn’t at all. Especially at night, after the seminar; meeting the same people at dinner gave rise to discussions which were always very stimulating’ (Eugenio Maria Russo)