Ida Dominijanni is a philosopher, political theorist, essayist and journalist. Her most recent book is Il Trucco. Sessualità e biopolitica nella fine di Berlusconi  [Make-Up/The Trick. Sexuality and Biopolitics in Berlusconi’s Fall] (Ediesse, 2014). She has been for decades an editor and columnist of the newspaper il manifesto. Dominijanni is also a member of the Diotima community of women philosophers in Verona and a member of the Centre for the Reform of the State (Crs) in Rome. She has been teaching political theory at Roma Tre University in Rome, the Universities of Siena and Verona, and Cornell University (as a fellow of the Society of the Humanities). Her writings on politics, populism, feminism, and psychoanalysis have been published in national and international scholarly journals and volumes. Her essay “L’impronta indecidibile” [“The Undecidable Mark”] (published in Diotima, L’ombra della madre [The Shadow of the Mother], Liguori, Napoli 2007) will be included in C. Casarino and A. Righi (eds.), An Other Mother, (Minnesota Univ. Press, forthcoming).