Alina Marazzi has been recognized as one of the most innovative of Italian documentarists within a new generation of directors, having directed several award-winning documentaries presented at national and international film festivals. She teaches courses and workshops on documentary filmmaking in a number of Italian film and art schools as well as guest lecturing at the School of Media Design and Multimedia Arts (Milan). Her work posits home movies as a collective mise-en-scène of memory, where not only personal experience but also social, cultural and aesthetic codes are inscribed. Marazzi’s most critically acclaimed work is her trilogy on female subjectivity, motherhood, and memory: Un’ora sola ti vorrei (For One More Hour with You, 2002); Vogliamo anche le rose (We Want Roses Too, 2007); Tutto parla di te (2012), starring Charlotte Rampling. Tutto parla di te portrays the ambivalence of maternity through intermingling visual languages such as fiction, documentary, photography, stop motion. Four recent academic volumes published in the UK and the US address her work.